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24 okt 2006 14:37 #11602 door mattymat
Komische John Crichton quotes werd gestart door mattymat
John heeft altijd van die grappige opmerkingen.
Hieronder een lijstje. Wie heeft er nog aanvullingen?
  • That's your plan? Wile E. Coyote would come up with a better plan than that!
  • Bingo! Give Brainiac a fluffy doll!
  • Welcome to the Federation Starship SS Buttcrack.
  • Boy, was Spielberg ever wrong. Close Encounters my ass.
  • It's like Disney on acid! Ten years of really great sex all at the same moment.
  • They have worlds out there, people that you wouldn't believe. But they do not have chocolate.
  • All right, we don't understand the R2-D2 crap. We're gonna use the Star Trek system. One blink for yes, two blinks for no.
  • God-like aliens - man, do I hate god-like aliens. I'll trade a critter for a god-like alien any day.
  • Have we sent the 'don't shoot us we're pathetic' transmission yet?
  • Don't move! Or I'll fill you full of... little yellow bolts of light.
  • Is there some kind of stupid alien quotation book you guys use?
  • Since I left home, I've been hunted, beaten, locked up, shanghaied, shot at. I've had alien creatures in my face, up my noise, inside my brain, down my pants. This is the first time, the first place, where I've felt peace.

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24 okt 2006 15:58 #11608 door audaces
Beantwoord door audaces in topic Komische John Crichton quotes
Mogen het ook algemene quotes zijn? Deze zijn mijn favorieten:
    D'Argo: Well, now I can only speak truth, and that comes as good and bad news.
    Crichton: All right, give me the bad news first.
    D'Argo: The bad news is that you're married, and you must endure as a statue for eighty cycles in a strange world.
    Crichton: What's the good news?
    D'Argo: Chiana and I are having fantastic sex.
    Crichton: Lately, do I seem a little crazy to you?
    Aeryn: What do you mean, 'lately'?
    Rygel: I never run away. I... strategically maneuver.
    Scorpius: Braca?
    Crichton: Yeah. Feel the love, Mr. Burns.
    Zhaan: Pilot, does Moya know where we are?
    Pilot: Yes, of course. We're someplace else. I'll get back to you on the specifics.
    D'Argo: Something Crichton said is disturbing me.
    Rygel: Finally. I've been saying that since he arrived.
    Chiana: Distress call. Directed at us?
    Crichton: [laughing] How stupid is that?
    Zhaan: My dear, I've kicked more ass than you've sat on.
    D'Argo: Have you ever heard of anything like this happening before?
    Crichton: D'Argo, I haven't heard of anything like anything before. My planet doesn't even go to the moon anymore.

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  • ayashoka
26 okt 2006 21:10 - 27 okt 2006 12:57 #11677 door ayashoka
Beantwoord door ayashoka in topic Komische John Crichton quotes
Pff, zoveel... bijna elke one-liner uit Farscape is wel de moeite waard :D Crichton Kicks had ook een paar leuke. Een filmpje met de quotes ook geen slecht iets zijn :D

'Crais I want you to find the fattest target you can. Government house, missile site, McDonald's, whatever.'

'No offense, but I say we take this tree-hugger, shove him out the access port, and get the hezmana out of here.'
-D'Argo - Bone To Be Wild

'Human. It's kinda like Sebacean, but we haven't conquered other worlds yet, so we just kick the crap out of each other.'
- Crichton PK Tech Girl

'Zhaan, let me explain to you what is going on inside my nose right now. Large pieces of green mucus, gunk...
John D'Argo, D'Argo, no no no. Stop it with the Luxan poetry.'
- D'Argo - Bone To Be Wild

'Of course it's a foe. We have no friends.'
- Rygel - Relativity

Dargo: 'Fear accompanies the possibility of death. Calm shepherds its certainty.'
Crichton: 'I love hanging with you, man.'
- D'Argo Family Ties

'Security is so tight that last night they burst into my room just as Chiana was... ah, screaming.'
- D'Argo - Look at the Princess - I Do, I Think
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  • awesomemac
27 okt 2006 00:04 #11681 door awesomemac
Beantwoord door awesomemac in topic Komische John Crichton quotes
Prachtige quotes van een geweldige serie.

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