Doctor Who Christmas Special - A Christmas Carol

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Zaterdag 25 december om 19.00 uur op BBC one

A Christmas Carol

There's real tenderness and a big beating heart at the centre of Steven Moffat's masterly, thrilling A Christmas Carol - a reimagining of Charles Dickens' eternally enthralling morality tale. Mighty Michael Gambon is the Scrooge figure, Kazran Sardick, the richest man in Sardicktown. But he's an unhappy miser who keeps the despised "surplus population" cruelly entombed. But only Sardick can prevent imminent disaster as a crippled space liner with 4,000 passengers, including honeymooners Amy and Rory, careers towards catastrophe. Yet he chooses to do nothing, because his heart is hard... or is it? He must be made to see the error of his ways, which is where the Doctor (the oh-so-endearing Matt Smith) takes a grip on the plot, as the Ghost of Christmas Past. What follows is a touching love story starring Welsh songstrel Katherine Jenkins, and a tale of goodness and redemption, all wrapped up in a bells-and-whistles rip-roaring adventure that's shot-through with fun. Best of all, it's deliciously Christmassy. A joy.

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