dr who winnaar BAFTA 2008



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dr who winnaar BAFTA 2008 werd gestart door nancy40

Doctor Who triumphed at the BAFTA Cymru Awards for the third year running, winning in six categories.
The ceremony, held for films and television programmes produced in Wales, was held in Cardiff's Millennium Centre.
Doctor Who won the awards for: Best Drama Series (Phil Collinson, for Voyage of the Damned), Best Screenwriter (Steven Moffat, for Blink), Best Sound (BBC Wales Sound team), Best Director, Drama (James Strong for Voyage of the Damned), Best Director of Photography (Ernie Vincze for Voyage of the Damned) and Best Make-Up (Barbara Southcott and Neill Gorton at Millennium FX for The Shakespeare Code).
Torchwood, nominated in four categories, emerged with the Best Costume award for the episode Captain Jack Harkness.

Dr who is the BEST

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